planning drawings and Building Regulation plans in kettering

Building regulations

Once permission is granted, technical plans with a greater level of detail must be produced.

These drawings will be produced to current UK Building Regulation Standards, although we may recommend that you aim for a higher standard in some areas. At this stage it will likely be necessary for a Civil/Structural Engineer to review you building plans. Note that you can be assured that the building drawings will then be covered by the indemnity insurance of both the specific Engineer used and us.

The Building Drawings must finally be returned to your local council or an individual Building inspector so that they can be checked by Building Control. Once a decision has been made building work may officially begin. It might be required that the building inspector visits the site to assess the correct matreials are used, the correct depth of foundation is maintained and they might require certificates for the plumbing and electic work. For a competative price, contact us today!